100% Grass-Fed Organic Formulas

Dutch, German, & UK

HiPP European Organic Formulas - Dutch, UK United Kingdom, German. Hypoallergenic HA Comfort AR

With premium added ingredients such as Omega 3 & 6, LCPs (DHA and AA), PRÆBIOTIK®, vitamins A, C and D your baby will have everything needed for optimal cognitive development and health. HiPP Organic Baby Formulas are free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, GMOs, preservatives, and all pesticides and herbacides.  100% Organic. 100% Grass-Fed. 100% Good for your baby!®

Cow & Goat Milk Formulas

Holle European Organic Cow Goat Milk Infant Baby Formula PRE

With over 80 years of research and experience, you can rely on Holle to include the ingredients your baby needs to grow  strong and healthy! Using only raw ingredients from Biodynamic or Organic Agriculture, all Holle formulas are made using milk from pastured cows which are grass-fed on  Demeter certified biodynamic farms in Germany. Feed your baby the best.®  Feed your baby Holle!

From Birth to Weaning

Lebenswert Bioland European Organic Baby Infant Milk Formula

Lebenswert Bio (Organic) is a daughter company of Holle. So you can expect the exact same level of commitment to quality products as you would from Holle. Made with only the finest ingredients, Lebenswert formulas are Certified Organic by Bioland European standards. When you can't breast feed, Lebenswert Organic formulas are among the best there is for your baby! 

Certified by Superior European Organic Standards!

Truly Organic. Truly Natural.


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