Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Absolutely Guaranteed!

Here at Yum-Yum Organics, protecting your privacy is very important to us. All personal information will be handled discreetly and strictly in accordance with our privacy policy below.

Storage of access data in Server Log Files.

Please know that it is indeed possible to visit our website without  providing any personal information. Data is stored in our server log files which is used to ensure trouble-free operation of the site and improve our service. This information is in no way directly identifiable to you as a customer.

Data collection and use for contract execution and for opening an account.

During order processing and placement we may collect different  personal data from you for the specific and sole purpose of processing your order, which you provide to us along with data specific to your order. Collection of this personal data is solely and entirely for fulfillment of our own business related tasks to serve you as our customer. With regard  to account creation and subsequent order processing, collection of  personal data avoids repeated collection of personal data when  generating orders in the future. 

Transfer of personal data to third parties.

Personal data is only transferred to third parties as required for order processing and is limited to involved service providers, such as payment processing companies or shipping carriers. The personal data which is transferred and shared is kept to the absolute minimum amount  necessary to complete order fulfillment. 

Usage of cookies.

This website utilizes cookies, which are identification markers sent by our web server to your computer for identification purposes during your visit to our website. Most browsers are configured to automatically  accept cookies, and consequently the respective cookies are saved on  your computer. The saved cookies are then used to identify your computer during subsequent visits to our website. You can go to your browsers settings to allow or prohibit the use of cookies. Some features of the website may not function properly if cookies are not allowed.

Your rights as a valued customer friend.

You are entitled to receive information about your saved personal data without being charged. Simply contact us using the contact us page to make your request. Also if you find any errors in your personal information, please notify us right away so that the necessary corrections can be made.

Furthermore you are entitled to be informed of any third party entity  with access to your personal information. Simply contact us to request this information and it will be provided promptly, along with the reason for which the information was shared. 

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer at: or 1 803 207 6890